Sunday, April 23, 2006

I am going to test one of Jay Abraham technique

After I managed to get one new client last Friday, I think I got the idea what Jay Abraham try to say in one of his book. He said "Most businesses generate a substantial amount of profit from clients who keep repurchasing, again and again ... very little of that profit would be there if you didn't bring those clients into your business or practice in the first place."

One of the way we can make prospect easily convert to client is by Jay Abraham technique called "Acquiring clients at a breakeven or slight loss". Anyway it's not that simple. We have to calculate our clients' marginal net worth to ensure that the end result is profitable to our business.

This how to do it.
  1. Compute your average sale and your profit per sale.
  2. Compute how much additional profit a client is worth to you by determining how many times he or she come back.
  3. Compute precisely what a client costs by dividing the marketing budget by the number of clients it produces.
  4. Compute precisely what a prospects costs by dividing the marketing budget by the number of prospects it produces.
  5. Compute the percentage of prospects who become clients
  6. Clients' marginal net worth = (1) + (2) - (3)
Actually what I am going to do is to offer my prospect with this, "FREE computer problem troubleshooting services for you as our new client. Please call OLKI Technology 019-2899628 NOW ".

To cut the cost for advertising and transportation, I am going to focus on my local area first. My internet broadband business have a width range of prospect, so I will advertise to every single house in my area. I will share what is the result after one week, so stay tune with my blog.

To your success

Friday, April 21, 2006

How powerful the God (Allah) are, believe me

Oh my God (Allah), I am so sorry as what I am expecting is not happened like what I am expected. I plan to update my blog and sharing my success stories everyday with you but unfortunately not everyday we can success ... last few day I am in fail situation ...

The reality is in our life no matter what ever we do, employee, self-employed, business owner or even investor, there are high and low. One day you are so strong but another day you are so weak. Last time I already highlighted this subject you right? Anyway it give me more believe in God (Allah) and His right to teach us as His creature. I believed that everything happened to us come with hikmah (only the good result to us).

Yesterday it's happened again, after few days stay at home with out of confidence to talk with prospect and customer, somehow I got the call from stranger ask about Jaring (one of my broadband service principal). He say someone from Jaring give him my contact number. So I managed to make one appointment the next day. I go to his house to check the wireless broadband signal. Everything look ok and finally I get one sale. From that point my confidence gain back to original level, unbelievable ...

After that I can call all my customer and talk about my previous service to them (internet broadband). I also managed to talk with my agent who previously refer to me a few customer. I also managed to contact few business owner to discuss win-win joint venture ideas for their profit. I feel so great yesterday. Thanks God (Allah).

To your success

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All about payment ... MONEY

Suppose I should update my blog last night, unfortunately I fall a sleep ... so tired. Today I like to share with you about payment. No matter what business you are doing if you deal with credit payment you have do ensure that you proper schedule to remind your customer about the payment.

Actually yesterday I spent almost half day, make call and write email to chase for last month outstanding payment. For my case I am not deal with customer but with my principal and main dealer who provide the services to my customer. I earn commision for every sale I made for them.

Now I learned that everything should be in black and white, otherwise they are going to play around with the payment.

To your success

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not much I can share with you today ... AdWords

Sunday is holiday, so last night I stay up until morning to study every thing about internet marketing technique from one of my favorite forum. All in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language) so it's better for me to absorb the knowledge faster than any other language.

One of the marketing strategies that I am going to focus is Google AdWords. This is one kind of pay per click (PPC) advertisement tool that we can use to promote our business, website or even personal blog (like what you are reading right now) to all the people who use Google search engine. If we bid (pay) higher than any one else for selected keyword (combination of keywords) then our ads will be shown at the top level of Google search results after someone search using the same combination of keywords.

For me, marketing skill is very critical to our business, so we have learn the latest technique available to ensure that we can reach our customer. To be continue ...

To your success

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why most of people out there phobia with MLM?

Today is Saturday, most of the time I am at home, surfing internet and look for business opportunity. I have many friends that I meet through internet chatting or Yahoo Messenger. I never met them physically but we know each other by chatting use YM.

One of the resources that you can get information is the online forum. One of the forum that I check today is . One of the topic they are discussing is about MLM concept that quite popular for online and offline business now. Some of them hate MLM very much, some of them like MLM and there also people who still unclear where they are.

For me, there is nothing wrong with MLM. It's good concept because we can effectively leverage the man-hour with that system for higher productivity. What make people don't like to involved in MLM is because they have bad experience with it. It's about selling or talking. Not only MLM, any business required people to sell or at least talk. In order to talk, we need the knowledge about what we are talking about.

In case of MLM we have to know at least the basic concept. I just share with you MLM concept in general (even though this knowledge I got from my current MLM company). MLM is profit sharing base on the performance of the business owner network. That performance is depend on how good our leadership. It also about your responsibility to each people you bring to this business, most people fail at this point, give-up and blaming MLM for the failure.

I have sponsored my old friend (we came from the same hometown). He invest a few thousand dollar (RM) for this business. After that he easily sponsored his friends. Everything is okay at the beginning, but after that no more sponsoring process. I am so worry that my friend will blame me for inviting him to the business. Only today I know that what I am worry about is totally wrong.

MLM is about trust and caring. You have to sponsor the people you like to work with. You have to tell the truth about the business and the responsibility to them. You have to at least tell them that you want to help them to make profit from the business (at least to get back their capital).

Today at last I can tell my friend that I want to ensure that he will not regret to join this MLM business. It is my responsibility to help him to make his network moving and he can get back his capital. He look so happy with what I telling him. In my heart, I also feel so happy as I am one step forward in my MLM business achievement.

To your success

Experiences is priceless

Today as I planned I meet one of my customer. He have a problem with his WiFi setting in his laptop. I also have another thing to discuss with him, it's about my idea to start one business related to oil.

After fixing his laptop setting, we discuss about my idea. For your information my client is quite old about 50s something. He is the consultant in Chemical Engineering. I told him that oil prices is up and up, why not we create an alternative oil by using vegetable oil. After discussing about few technical factor he agree with me that it's can be done but in terms of marketing strategy it's not so practical and profitable.

After that he propose me another idea, which is use very similar process and related to latex industries. It about one of the ingredients in latex processing factory. Interesting, the process is so simple and base on his EXPERIENCE he found that 75% of the factory in the world never realize this problem! This problem is an opportunity to create wealth for business owner like us.

I set 3 days to come back and discuss with him about his idea and we will work together as a partner. What I am try to say here is even I am doing another business (IT related business), I still thinking out of the box and still looking for any business opportunity. You know the more we met people the more we can see the opportunity. That is one of the benefit if we have freedom to make our own decision as a business owner.

To your success

Friday, April 07, 2006

Today is better than yesterday !!!

Thanks God, finally I can make my today life is better than yesterday. It's about 2 week ago I am in dilemma why I can't perform well in my business marketing strategy. You know, before I can speak very well with any prospect but 2 week ago until yesterday I can't do that for unknown reason ...

Last night somehow I don't know I found that I have to create a small success in order to gain a little bit bigger success. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here. For example it's very hard for me to talk to people that my brain already set as a prospect. I always feel that the prospect don't like to hear about what I am trying to say. I believe that they have no time for all this selling talk! I am in fear of rejection ... or something like that ... make me feel so stressful for last two weeks.

What I have done today is I just call my previous client and ask about my product. Is there any problem they are facing right now, are there happy with it or not. If they are not happy, I like to know and I am glad to offer free consultation. After I heard about their feedback and at least I can solve some of their problem through telephone, I feel so good and my confidence level is up a little bit ...

After that I repeat with another client and again and again and again. After made a few calls I am ready to talk with prospect as before.

To your success

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Business Owner Club : You can learn from my daily business life !!!

This is my first day I am sharing my experience in business to all over the world through blogging. I hope that you can enjoy reading what I am sharing with you. Let me introduce my self a little bit.

I am Zolkifle, age 32, live in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. I just started my own business just about 5 month ago. Before that I work for other people about 6 years as Mechanical Engineer. The job is okay but there are something that I feel I can't get if I am not start my own business.

It's about FREEDOM. To be specific, it's about freedom to make decision on how much free time and wealth that we want to get in our life. It also related to the concept of leverage that I need to practice. I believed that I made the right decision to start my own business.

To your success