Saturday, April 08, 2006

Experiences is priceless

Today as I planned I meet one of my customer. He have a problem with his WiFi setting in his laptop. I also have another thing to discuss with him, it's about my idea to start one business related to oil.

After fixing his laptop setting, we discuss about my idea. For your information my client is quite old about 50s something. He is the consultant in Chemical Engineering. I told him that oil prices is up and up, why not we create an alternative oil by using vegetable oil. After discussing about few technical factor he agree with me that it's can be done but in terms of marketing strategy it's not so practical and profitable.

After that he propose me another idea, which is use very similar process and related to latex industries. It about one of the ingredients in latex processing factory. Interesting, the process is so simple and base on his EXPERIENCE he found that 75% of the factory in the world never realize this problem! This problem is an opportunity to create wealth for business owner like us.

I set 3 days to come back and discuss with him about his idea and we will work together as a partner. What I am try to say here is even I am doing another business (IT related business), I still thinking out of the box and still looking for any business opportunity. You know the more we met people the more we can see the opportunity. That is one of the benefit if we have freedom to make our own decision as a business owner.

To your success


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