Friday, April 21, 2006

How powerful the God (Allah) are, believe me

Oh my God (Allah), I am so sorry as what I am expecting is not happened like what I am expected. I plan to update my blog and sharing my success stories everyday with you but unfortunately not everyday we can success ... last few day I am in fail situation ...

The reality is in our life no matter what ever we do, employee, self-employed, business owner or even investor, there are high and low. One day you are so strong but another day you are so weak. Last time I already highlighted this subject you right? Anyway it give me more believe in God (Allah) and His right to teach us as His creature. I believed that everything happened to us come with hikmah (only the good result to us).

Yesterday it's happened again, after few days stay at home with out of confidence to talk with prospect and customer, somehow I got the call from stranger ask about Jaring (one of my broadband service principal). He say someone from Jaring give him my contact number. So I managed to make one appointment the next day. I go to his house to check the wireless broadband signal. Everything look ok and finally I get one sale. From that point my confidence gain back to original level, unbelievable ...

After that I can call all my customer and talk about my previous service to them (internet broadband). I also managed to talk with my agent who previously refer to me a few customer. I also managed to contact few business owner to discuss win-win joint venture ideas for their profit. I feel so great yesterday. Thanks God (Allah).

To your success


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