Friday, April 07, 2006

Today is better than yesterday !!!

Thanks God, finally I can make my today life is better than yesterday. It's about 2 week ago I am in dilemma why I can't perform well in my business marketing strategy. You know, before I can speak very well with any prospect but 2 week ago until yesterday I can't do that for unknown reason ...

Last night somehow I don't know I found that I have to create a small success in order to gain a little bit bigger success. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here. For example it's very hard for me to talk to people that my brain already set as a prospect. I always feel that the prospect don't like to hear about what I am trying to say. I believe that they have no time for all this selling talk! I am in fear of rejection ... or something like that ... make me feel so stressful for last two weeks.

What I have done today is I just call my previous client and ask about my product. Is there any problem they are facing right now, are there happy with it or not. If they are not happy, I like to know and I am glad to offer free consultation. After I heard about their feedback and at least I can solve some of their problem through telephone, I feel so good and my confidence level is up a little bit ...

After that I repeat with another client and again and again and again. After made a few calls I am ready to talk with prospect as before.

To your success


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