Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why most of people out there phobia with MLM?

Today is Saturday, most of the time I am at home, surfing internet and look for business opportunity. I have many friends that I meet through internet chatting or Yahoo Messenger. I never met them physically but we know each other by chatting use YM.

One of the resources that you can get information is the online forum. One of the forum that I check today is . One of the topic they are discussing is about MLM concept that quite popular for online and offline business now. Some of them hate MLM very much, some of them like MLM and there also people who still unclear where they are.

For me, there is nothing wrong with MLM. It's good concept because we can effectively leverage the man-hour with that system for higher productivity. What make people don't like to involved in MLM is because they have bad experience with it. It's about selling or talking. Not only MLM, any business required people to sell or at least talk. In order to talk, we need the knowledge about what we are talking about.

In case of MLM we have to know at least the basic concept. I just share with you MLM concept in general (even though this knowledge I got from my current MLM company). MLM is profit sharing base on the performance of the business owner network. That performance is depend on how good our leadership. It also about your responsibility to each people you bring to this business, most people fail at this point, give-up and blaming MLM for the failure.

I have sponsored my old friend (we came from the same hometown). He invest a few thousand dollar (RM) for this business. After that he easily sponsored his friends. Everything is okay at the beginning, but after that no more sponsoring process. I am so worry that my friend will blame me for inviting him to the business. Only today I know that what I am worry about is totally wrong.

MLM is about trust and caring. You have to sponsor the people you like to work with. You have to tell the truth about the business and the responsibility to them. You have to at least tell them that you want to help them to make profit from the business (at least to get back their capital).

Today at last I can tell my friend that I want to ensure that he will not regret to join this MLM business. It is my responsibility to help him to make his network moving and he can get back his capital. He look so happy with what I telling him. In my heart, I also feel so happy as I am one step forward in my MLM business achievement.

To your success


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